What types of products we prefer

DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC emphasis is on mass market consumer products.

In order for us to invest in a product it must have clear product uniqueness, mass audience appeal, strength of consumer needs, believability of claims, price/value relationship and more.

We prefer mass market consumer products in the following areas:

  • Home products
  • Lawn & garden
  • Electronic devices
  • Automotive products
  • Skin care products
  • Pet care products
  • Self-improvement products

For the most part, we do not consider providing capital for herbal products, nutritional supplements, or internet-based businesses.

Product Stage
We will consider everything from a conceptual idea to a more mature product. For us to consider conceptual ideas the product must clearly satisfy the criteria described above. For other products, it is important that consumer testing and/or sales be completed or under way.

How We Consider Products
DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC personnel are experts in reviewing very quickly and efficiently products submitted. Here are the steps that we perform:

  1. Fees - There are no fees involved in the process at anytime.
  2. Initial Submission - After completion of an Submission Form, we will conduct an initial screening of your product and contact you within 48 hours. If there is an interest, we will request further information and a product sample.
  3. Product Evaluation - Our experience product managers will review the product sample and market potential, through our rigorous product evaluation model. We will share the results of this review within two weeks of submission.
  4. Application - If we have further interest we will provide you with a detailed Capital Request Application Form, summarizing everything we need to know about your company and product.
  5. Due Diligence - Our due diligence consists of reviewing the Capital Request Application Form, a series of in-depth discussions with the product owner and further product testing.
  6. Strategy - This is one of the most important steps where we develop together a comprehensive product strategy for making your product a success.
  7. Business Term Sheet - This term sheet will spell out the basis of our future relationship.
  8. Agreement - This is a legal document summarizing our business terms.
  9. Funding - Actual funding of the product occurs and implementation of our shared strategy. This can occur immediately after an agreement is executed.