Product Overview

The following represent current DreamStart products:

MotorUP – Premium brand of automotive additives, which has sold $150 Million since inception.

MotorUP was introduced to the American public via infomercial in 1995, and became an overnight success. Soon after, the brand was successfully launched into retail channels. 1997 brought the introduction of FuelUP and GearUP, followed by PrepUp in 1998. These unique products have now been used by more than 10 million consumers in over 40 countries. MotorUP infomercials have generated strong brand awareness and positive imagery throughout North America and the World!

MotorUP Premium Engine Treatment –
The original “No Oil Change” formula has been re-positioned to more clearly address the reasons why consumers buy engine treatments. Rather than focusing on convenience and fixing problems, communications for the new product focus on problem prevention.
MotorUP Complete Fuel System Treatment
This new, highly concentrated formula is loaded with technology to aggressively but safely clean the entire fuel system, to cure such problems as knocking, hesitation, and rough idling.
MotorUP Premium Transmission Treatment-
This new formula is packed with vital chemistry to restore smooth shifting, reduce slipping, and re-swell seals to prevent leakage.
MotorUP Internal Engine Cleaner
The same great product as PrepUP, but more clearly positioned to help consumers understand its advantages. Because of its high flash point (230 degrees), you can pour this into your crank case and drive while it cleans! And because it is kerosene-free and solvent-free, it won’t harm valves or seals.
MotorUP Premium Engine Restorer-
This brand new product contains breakthrough technology designed to make older engines run like new! Just one bottle restores compression and horsepower, cures oil burning and leaks, and quiets rough running engines. Formulated for engines of all sizes (4, 6 and 8 cylinder).

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  • Do you feel like a human reminding machine?
  • Are you constantly keeping track of everyone’s messages?

Now you can relax and gain piece of mind knowing that your message is delivered effortlessly, with just the swing of a door. Introducing the NEW Remind-Door™ Audio Door Messenger!

The Remind-Door™ is a digital recorder that holds up to a 20 second custom message that will be delivered at the critical moment - when the door is opened. The message will play back every time the door is opened, insuring proper message delivery. Re-record new messages as many times as you like. Features 3 simple buttons (play, record and erase.) LED lights indicate you are recording or erasing a message. On/off button allows you to save battery life. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


  • Automatic message play-back when the door is opened
  • 20 seconds of digital memory
  • Ability to replay messages and erase old ones
  • Attachment with Secure Strips will not damage the door surface
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Sturdy construction resists the wear and tear of opening/closing the door
  • Easily replaced AAA batteries

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Flexihose – The flat hose with built-in reel and adjustable sprinkler, $20 Million annual revenues.

  • All In One Garden Hose with built in sprinkler
  • Features 5 spray patterns
  • Weighs under 3 lbs.
  • Stores Anywhere
  • Wall Mountable; Hardware included
  • Lightweight and Compact

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CoPilot – The universal automotive hands-free cell phone adapter, $35 Million annual revenues.

  • Makes any cell phone hands free
  • Any Make! / Any Model!
  • Hear your calls thru the radio
  • No Installation! Plugs right into your cigarette lighter
  • Portable! Use from car to car
  • Wireless

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Wheels are an increasingly important design feature on vehicles. Yet they are the 1st thing on a vehicle to get dirty, and the hardest thing to clean. Break dust and road grime stick to wheels and overtime this can cause permanent damage. There are lots of products available to clean wheels but until now there has been nothing to protect them.

Introducing WheelEze™ the first of its kind wheel protector. Now you can keep your wheels looking brand new.

WheelEze™ is the only product which:

  • Protects against wheel damage
  • Prevents permanent wheel damage
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Lasts up to 6 months
  • Dries clear (no buffing required)
  • Works on all wheel types
  • Contains a specially formulated acrylic polymer
  • Is easily applied with foam brush included in the package

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