Overview of Acquisition Criteria
DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC seeks to purchase ongoing manufacturing businesses with sales between $200,000 and $5 million.
The Following Is Our Acquisition Criteria:

Investment Objective: Acquire or invest in companies with sales between $200,000 and $5 million. The focus is on companies with high quality management, stable cash flow, and expansion potential through improvements to manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Investment Focus: Companies with a strong customer base which manufacture consumer products or manufacture components of consumer products.

Location Preference: Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey

Ideal acquisitions candidates:

  1. Profitable businesses - DreamStart will consider purchasing or investing capital in profitable businesses with a strong track record of manufacturing consumer products.
  2. New business - Your business may have a strong revenue base with good margins, a unique product, and good patent protection. At the same time, your emerging company may lack the capital and expertise in areas such as manufacturing, marketing and global distribution. DreamStart will consider an outright acquisition or investment capital. In addition, DreamStart can augment your expertise and resources in the areas you need it most, along with the necessary capital to continue growing your business.
  3. Troubled businesses - The consumer product business may be losing money yet have substantial customer accounts. DreamStart will consider an outright acquisition of the company or forming an investment relationship to leverage these key customer accounts.

For further information, contact Hope Woelfel, Marketing Manager.