Submitting Product Ideas To DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC

DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC welcomes the opportunity to review ideas, inventions or prototypes for new consumer products. The following information sets forth DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC’s general policies and procedures for considering submissions. Please read the following information carefully so that you understand the conditions under which DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC will review your submission.

We will only consider non-confidential submissions

You may have proprietary rights in your information, and should therefore consider protecting it (for example through patents or copyrights) before disclosing it to DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC. This is especially important because disclosing your information to us may affect your ability to obtain these rights. Please submit your information to us only after you have obtained the protection that you feel is satisfactory.
DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC employees are not authorized to act in a consulting capacity or furnish an opinion or any advice regarding the appropriate protection for a submission. Any decision regarding these matters must be based solely on your judgment and the advice of your own lawyer or consultant.

Our policies in reviewing submissions
  1. In submitting your information to DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC, you are not restricted in your freedom to present the same information to other companies, and are not giving DreamStart Venture Capital LLC any rights under any patent or copyright you have, or may obtain in the future.
  2. DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC will not consider any submission that is initially furnished to us on a confidential or proprietary basis. Submission of an idea does not establish a confidential relationship or contractual relationship between you and DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC.
  3. Anyone requesting consideration of any idea must understand that:
    1. However novel the idea may seem to the discloser, it may in fact not be a new idea and may be disclosed in prior patents.
    2. Such ideas may have been published previously in some other way or may be in public use, either of which may have been sufficient to bar statutory patent protection.
    3. DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC may simultaneously, or prior to approach by an outside person, have conceived of a similar or the same idea on its own, or someone else may have disclosed the same idea or invention to it.

      If you wish to submit an idea or proposal, you must understand that your rights to the idea or to any further disclosure you may make regarding the idea must be limited to such rights as may be secured to you by the valid claims of issued patents of the United States of America which may now or hereinafter be granted to you.
  4. Information that has not been submitted on a non-confidential basis under the terms of the Submission Agreement will not be evaluated. DreamStart may retain such information for the purpose of preserving a record of what was submitted to it. DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC has no obligation to return such materials to the submitter.
  5. Once DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC has received confirmation that a submission is being offered under the terms of the Submission Agreement, the information will be referred to the appropriate DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC personnel for the purpose of assessing our level of interest. If we then have an interest in obtaining additional details that you consider confidential, we will consider accepting the disclosure of such additional information under a written confidentiality agreement signed by an officer of DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC.
  6. We make every effort to evaluate submissions promptly. However, DreamStart Venture Captial, LLC cannot indicate when its evaluation will be complete. Please understand that, because much of our internal work is confidential, we may not be willing to provide detailed information regarding our reasons for rejecting a given submission. Under no circumstances shall DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC be obligated to reveal the nature or extent of an evaluation.
To Have DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC Review Your Information
  1. Read the information presented here carefully. If you are willing to have DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC review your submission on the basis set forth in the Submission Agreement form, please click on the “I Agree” icon to indicate your acceptance.
  2. Prepare a written description of your information, either on this site, or in hard copy form mailed to the address indicated below. Please do not submit any information or samples that you wish to have returned, because DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC shall have no obligation to return any submission to you.

You may either submit your idea by mail, or submit it in writing.
If you are under 21 years old, your submission must be mailed to DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC, together with a paper copy of the Submission Agreement signed by you and your parent or guardian.


I am submitting with this Agreement information for review by DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC. (“DreamStart VC”). I reserve my right to disclose it to others. I have read your document entitled Submitting Ideas and Proposals to DreamStart Venture Capital, LLC and understand its contents.

Intending to be legally bound, I agree that this submission is received by DreamStart VC under the following conditions:

  1. I represent and warrant that I have the right to disclose the information contained in this submission (the “Idea”) to DreamStart VC on a non-confidential basis and that such disclosure will not violate any obligation that I may have to any other person or entity.
  2. No confidential relationship or relationship of trust or confidence or other obligation of any type is created or implied by the receipt or consideration by DreamStart VC of this Idea.
  3. I agree that DreamStart VC may, solely at its discretion, disclose the Idea to third parties for the purposes of evaluation under this Agreement and that DreamStart VC shall have no obligation to make such disclosures confidential.
  4. I agree to keep a full duplicate copy of all information presented to DreamStart VC under this Agreement as a record of what has been disclosed. DreamStart VC, may or may not, in its discretion, retain all materials that I submit.
  5. I will rely solely on rights conferred to me by the patent and copyright laws of the United States or foreign country, if any, to protect the information submitted pursuant to this Agreement.
  6. I do not, by this submission, grant any rights under any patents I now have or may later obtain covering the Idea. However, I realize that an unpatented idea may have little or no value since it can be freely copied once it is put into use. Therefore, in consideration of DreamStart VC evaluating my Idea, I hereby release DreamStart VC and its officers, directors, and employees from any liability for the adoption, modification, sale or use of my Idea, or products using the Idea under any legal theory, except such liability as may accrue under valid patents now or hereafter issued.
  7. This Agreement binds all parties who lawfully succeed to any of my rights in this Idea.
  8. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between DreamStart VC and me pertaining to this submission and supersedes any prior understanding, discussions or agreements regarding my submission. To be effective, any modification of this Agreement must be approved in writing by an officer of DreamStart VC.
  9. These terms apply to all additional disclosures submitted incidental to the original submission.
  10. The validity, interpretation and legal effect of this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA that are applicable to agreements that are signed and performed in Pennsylvania.